In life, we all experience setbacks such as making bad decisions, job loss, divorce, or health issues. The good news is that a setback does not have to be a step back, but can lead to a real comeback.
Originally, God made man and woman in His image to share a close relationship with Him. They were perfect and never disobeyed God.


But then man and woman experienced their greatest setback. They rebelled and broke God’s law. Because God is absolutely pure, He is offended at all sin and the breaking of His laws. Consequently, they were cut off and separated from God. Everyone has suffered a similar setback. God has set certain standards for mankind, such as those revealed in the 10 Commandments, which we have broken. When we break just one of the Ten Commandments, we are lawbreakers and have been separated from God.
We must ask ourselves, have we ever lied? Lusted for someone? Used God’s name as a cuss word? Even stolen something small? If we were tried before the Judge of all the earth, who deals justly and impartially with sin, we would all be found guilty. This is an enormous setback, but God has turned it into a great comeback.


God still loved everyone who had disobeyed His laws so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus,who lived a life without breaking God’s laws. Jesus was willing to suffer our penalty and the punishment for our sin.  Think of it as a bank transaction. The debt for our sin was transferred to Jesus’ account, whose death paid the full debt of our sin.  When we have faith in Jesus, His righteousness (His life without sin) is transferred to our account. God gives us a full pardon for our sin and declares us not guilty because of our trust in Jesus. By having faith in Jesus alone for our salvation, we are able to come back toGod without guilt and share a close relationship with Him once more.

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